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Coming Soon: Punchy, One-Word Title! Play-On-Words Tagline!

And Now. Lucky Readers, We grant you a rare insight into the numbers behind one of your favourite most anticipated barely read blogs!

 Yeah. . . . I still don't know what I did in July that was so impressive. Must've run out of ideas pretty quickly, looking at that dropoff in August. Followed by a big buildup into February . . . and then I go on co-op and everyone swiftly stops giving a shit.

I wonder why.

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Meh. Not Much to say about this. Other than, y'know, the usual "Pleeease link meeee!" shpeal.

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Nov 5, 2010
44 Pageviews
Nov 28, 2010, 1 comment
21 Pageviews
Dec 19, 2010, 1 comment
21 Pageviews
Jan 7, 2011
16 Pageviews
Jan 2, 2011, 2 comments
14 Pageviews

 . . . Apparently I haven't been properly funny in quite a while . . . 

Ok, seriously, this has gone on long enough. Why am I more popular in Russia than Canada?  
If you do like the blog, please leave a comment. 
Preferably in english.

Pageviews by Browsers
541 (45%)
Internet Explorer
337 (28%)
228 (19%)
32 (2%)
25 (2%)
15 (1%)
2 (<1%)
Jakarta Commons-HttpClient
2 (<1%)
2 (<1%)
2 (<1%)

What the hell is NS8?
Or Autopager for that matter?
Must be a linux thing.

Pageviews by Operating Systems
1,056 (88%)
65 (5%)
Other Unix
61 (5%)
4 (<1%)
3 (<1%)
Windows NT 6.1
2 (<1%)
1 (<1%)
PlayStation Portable
1 (<1%)
1 (<1%)

Yeah, definitely a Linux thing. Even I'm not that dedicated a nerd.
And that's coming from someone who can tell if a superhero was made by Marvel or DC.
From someone who has two pages of "speed dial" pages that open as soon as he fires up the internet, and every one of them is either video game or comic-based.
From someone who is buck teeth and a plaid shirt away from collapsing the universe in on itself from the sheer density of his stereotyping.
I even know what a friggin' plainswalker is, for god's sake! 
 . . . 

But wait! I hear you ask. Surely that can't be it?!? Surely he can't have just thrown up a few pics from his stats page and called it a day? There must be an easter egg of some sorts hidden there!

And if you search long and hard enough in the pics above, you might find one!

Find one yet?

If you do, though, send it to me, because I sure as hell didn't put one there.

 . . . 
Of course there's something else, though.
There's the picture. Which I totally did not forget about and cause a repost sometime after the original.
(desperately searches hard drive)

There. Its of weapons a shapeshifter could make with it's hands. (Duhhh! Told you I was a nerd.)

 . . . 
There. Now go and make an absurdly long blog post comprised primarily of images with little or no content or something . . . 


nicedaydesigns said...

My stats are really weird. I have readers in Iran, China, Kenya, and Greece...I've no idea why. Most popular post is on my 'crafty tattoo' and making earrings from 'Shrinky Dinks'. I love that they have a proper stats counter on blogger now though :)....I found your blog through Magatha-May btw

Tynermeister said...

Tell me about it! Still nice to know people are (possibly) reading what you're making for them.
Also nice when people stumble onto the site without effort on my part! :D

Donna said...

I always read it craig and it always makes my day that much brighter!!!keep shaking it sister!hum.......well yes! :-)

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