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Stuff you should look up: Back for revenge, with a vengeful vengance!

On this weeks Syslu!
Life changing secrets are uncovered!
Deadly betrayals plotted!
Uncontrollable lusts ravaged!
Fantastical worlds discoved!
Some guy makes a list!
Amazing new developments save countless lives!
And at least one of the things previously mentioned actually happens!

All this and more (kind of), coming up . . .
 . . .
 . . . right now!

Flash games 
  -My favourites

1) Ice Breaker. Puzzle. You are an omnipotent viking god. You must save your clan. They are trapped in ice. You can break the ice. Go figure.

2) Grow. It's . . . it's just . . . bizarre? Hypnotic? Mindless? Brilliant? All of the above.

(I recommend the walkthrough after you give it a few tries)

3)Infectionator 2. "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." The preceding quote in a nutshell. You turn the world into zombies. Also, Micheal Jackson zombies, Ronald McDonald zombies, etc., etc., etc. . . .

4) Canabalt. For those who are just window shopping through these with no time, give this a shot. It's fast, you'll give it that much. 

5) Achievement Unlocked. From the excellent mind of game maker jmtb02. For those who know about "Achievements" on the XBox 360, this game is a fantastic parody of the fleeting and empty sense of accomplishment they give.

 . . . 
That's yer lot for this week. Now go find an awesome new desktop wallpaper or something. . . 


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