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Stuff you should look up: The unnecessary sequel!

What shall I post today then?
If you have any suggestions, then shout them out . . .
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No? Nothing? Fine. Try this:

Procrastination websites:

1) Mendel's Soup: One of the best in the Soup image blogging meta-site. Just don't mind the polish posts. (And try and scroll all the way to the bottom. I dare ya!)

2) Coolvibe: THE place to go for inspiration or a new desktop backround.

3) I New Idea: Where I go for ideas. Theres potential products here that will make you kick yourself in the face for not thinking of them sooner.

4) Sporcle: Quizzes with excellent layout and content to suit all tastes and knowledge.

5) Cracked: 3 new articles every day. The regular columnists are fantastic!

 . . . 


6) The Onion: The finest up-to-date news site on the web. They recently reported that the entire country of Mexico was killed in a gangland battle, and literally tens of americans going to the polls this week, despite the increasing danger of actually being responsible for electing someone into a position of power.
 . . . 
That's it, now go and smile at nothing like an idiot. And enjoy it . . .


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