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Stuff you should look up: Now 33% more regular than before!

If I had a euro for every time i thought about you, I would have exactly . . . zero euro. Mainly because I have no idea who "you" are. Seriously, I have no clue who reads this. According to the stats meter, I have a regular viewer somewhere in Russia. How crazy is that? That has Stumbleupon written allll over it.

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WokkaChokaWokkaChokaWokkaChokaWokkaChokaWokkaChokaWokkaChoka . . . Bing!
And today's topic is: 

  ----- Updated Daily

1) Sinfest - Going for almost 10 years and still funny. Charts the adventures of two everyday people living their lives between a sarcastic puppeteer God, a wealthy, successful but unfulfilled Devil and everyone in between.

2) Surviving the world - They say those who can't write, draw, and those who can't draw, photograph, and those who can still make it funny, are awesome.

3) Bug Comic - Short, snappy, instantly recognisable. Also, all the characters are bugs.

4) Cyanide and Happiness - Frankly, if you haven't heard of this yet, where have you been? NSFW language, ideas, or jokes. Meaning it's hilarious.

5) Questionable Content - High quality art style makes this a pleasure to read!

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6) Microsoft Paint Adventures - For those with truly a massive amount of time to spare: A comic that goes in the direction the readers tell it to via the forums. Sometimes up to 5 new panels a day. I recommend reading through this previous adventure to get a taste. Warning!: Mindfuck ahead!

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That's all folks! Now go and shoot that wascawwy wabbit ow something . . .


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