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Stuff you should look up: The awkward beginning!

OK, so there's no pic this time. But that's ok, because there's no words either. This seems like a nice thing to try as a regular feature. So here goes:

Heres some stuff which may not be the best out there, but it's stuff that I like. Things that were recommended by friends or that I discovered for myself. I highly recommend them.


1) River flows In You by Yiruma

2) Clair De Lune composed by Debussy

3) The Heart Asks Pleasure First (a.k.a. The Promise) by Micheal Nyman

4) To Zanarkand by Nobuo Uematsu (from the playstation 2 game Final Fantasy 10)

5) Dearly Beloved by Yoko Shimamura (from the playstation 2 game Kingdom Hearts 2)

6) Auto Rock by Mogwai

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If a fly stops flying, is it called a walk?
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EDIT: Actually went back and linked the damn videos. Derp. :P


Magatha-May said...

nice recommendations, two thumbs up

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