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More stick-shakers than you can shake a stick at!

Wow! I have over 50 friends online in facebook chat at the moment! That must be a record for the number of potentially life-changing conversations ignored at once!
 . . . 
Don't you just hate it when you think you have your brilliant, enjoyable life all figured out, then someone comes along and ruins it by rubbing their stable, loving relationship in your face?
 . . . 
What's the furthest thing you have planned right now? Go!
What it is in all probability a holiday next year, or a new job/course or, best case scenario, wedding or some such celebration. What it is definitely is no more than a year away. Guaranteed. If it is, you should probably go bungee jumping or something, man, because anyone who's got that sort of planning capacity is headed straight for a Schwarzenegger-sized stress-induced heart attack. (As opposed to a Schwarzenegger-induced heart attack which normally happens by way of excess high velocity lead in the body)
Humans simply do not have the capacity to comprehend large numbers. It's the same device that stops us from realising €499 is just as bad as €500! Marketers long ago realised that people still only see the "4" in 499. Hence why we still put up with that .99c crap. One year to us is just a massive amount of time that cannot be scheduled with any real intent. Of course, that changes when we reach retirement age, since a year seems so much smaller then than when we're, like, 20. 
Why then, do I keep being annoyed by people saying I should be creating ideas for my Fourth Year Project?
 . . . 
Yes, I get that it comes from experience that we should have a contingency plan for our FYP. Yes, I understand that I will, in time, come to regret the decision to ignore you. But there is literally nothing different about your year that will change my year's mind. There is no big change that will suddenly cause us to heed every word you say, in the same way that you didn't heed the previous years, as they didn't heed and so on and so forth. 
 . . . 
(/end whiny, bitchy mood swing)
 . . .
So with that in mind, can you please see that I'm trying to do the job that's in front of me, like I have done for the last few decades? Can you please let me enjoy the now, rather than draw my eyeline to the biblical-grade storm gathering on the horizon? I mean, whatever happened to enjoying your day to day life? 
 . . .
Speaking of my day to day life, someone in my college course recently decided that it was, quote, a load of balls, but since I'm in too deep now I may as well try and salvage a degree out of it.", end quote. That right there is something that really made me sad to hear, and if those words ever pass my lips, please sew the traitorous fuckers right up, cos I want nothing to do with a body that says ridiculous things like that. (by which I mean more ridiculous than usual.).
Where would I rather be?
In an engineering course, where maths act like a maid with a vacuum, sucking up the fun, dark dingy corners of existence, and shining a light in places once thought impenetrable, capping it all off by slapping a number and measurement on it?
In a pure art course, where nothing is true and nothing is false, and anything is a lie and everything is subjective, which robs any standardised grading system of any purpose, and its students of any meaningful direction? What good is creativity if your going to look at the finished product? At least interior designers have that going for them.
Nah, I'm perfectly alright where I am thanks. And if you want to angrily bluff your way through the rest of the next one and a half years of your life, then good for you. I plan on enjoying mine and being awesome while I'm at it.
 . . . 
Thats all I can think of right now. Now go and be awesome for a while.


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