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Stuff you should look up: If I could pull off the "poncho" look without looking homeless, I would.

Just call me the Fun-Wrecking Master of Puppets.

Or Fu-recking Master-Puppet for short.

Or Fu'cking M'uppet for shorter.

 . . .

  -Awesome Advertising

1) Rolling Ball Plays Bach.

2) Golden Pages Hairdresser

3) The Italian Football Training Camp

4) Old Spice - All of them. Seriously. Go through all of them. I know you've seen them, but some of the shorter ones are just as briliant.

5) Walk On The Wild Side (More of a preview of a tv program but sure feckit. It's my blog.)

. . .

BONUS ROUND! (note: not actually a real ad)

. . .
Right. Finito. Go get paid or something. . .


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