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Stuff you should look up: What, Me Worry? Yes, Me Worry Lots!

If doctors "Self-Medicate" . . .

 . . . Do they still need to write a prescription?

 . . .
   -Music Videos

As always, if you type "listento" before "youtube" in the address bar on the video's YouTube page, it'll take you straight to the download link.

These are the music videos that you just have to watch while listening to the song. Such as . . .

1) Here It Goes Again by Ok Go
Yes, it's The Treadmill Video. Every one of these guy's videos are genius, but this one has the best song.

2) Something Good '08 (Van She Tech Remix) by Utah Saints

3) The Scientist by Coldplay

4) Mech Love by Hadouken
(because I like it)

5) Baba Yetu (the lord's prayer in Swahili) by Christopher Tin
(Are you sure I haven't linked this one already? Srsly? I need to remedy this situation immediately!)

 . . . 
Yeah. I kinda ran out of ideas after Ok Go. 

 . . .
That's it. Now go and do something I can't quite think of right about now. . . .


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