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Aw man! I can't believe it's an entire day late! How many loyal fans have I crushingly dissappointed by my absence!
(checks pageview counter)
 . . . none. . . maybe one or two. . .
I can't tell if I'm depressed or relieved.
I'll go with deprieved. I am very deprieved right now.
Mainly because "repressed" is already taken. 

Maybe I'm just irritated and dispondant.
Irrispondant? I guess I'm feeling a little irrispondant right now. 

Or maybe I'm just feeling repressed and incapable.
That would make me . . . 
 . . . 
Actually, no. I'm not repressed and incapable

 . . .

And now for something completely different:

Music Reviews!
If some 25-year-old raging dickweed with an Arts Degree can do it, so can I!

"Like listening to wallpaper." I cannot take credit for that quote. I also can't promote it enough. It's just perfect.
You can have nice wallpaper, though.

Listening feels like a workout at the gym. Difficult, requiring concentration, and generally only for the dedicated. You can work up a bit of a sweat, too.

Owl City:
He obviously wakes up every morning, writes down whatever happened in his crazy-ass dreams, and uses  them as lyrics. Listening is like having pink cotton wool stuffed in your ears.

Linkin Park:
Like listening to the colour black. And all the boring sameyness that goes with a single colour. Can be used as hormone therapy to counteract the effects of chronic outbursts of "joy".

Daft Punk:
Sounds like the noise a computer would make if it could orgasm. A sexy-lady-type computer, too. Not one of those horrible fat windows '95 things.


 . . . 
Finally, in a segment you've all come to recognise as shameless phoning-it-in . . . 

Crappy Names! The Third And Final Chapteruntilwemakeanotheronetocashin.

Joe Mama
Auntie Semytick
Auntie Semyte
Beattie "Bea" Oich
Ivan Ichisak
Moe Ronn
Ben Dover (no, wait. That one's already been done)
Minnie Hooters
Hans Jobb
Jess Innma-Pans
Aiden Abettin

 . . . 
Fuck. That's it. I'm all out. Go through the suggestions page of your YouTube homepage until you find an awesome new band or something . . .


Fredrick said...

I cried alot on the inside ;_;

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