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For your own safety, please ignore most of the buttons and icons on screen. They came with the template and I am not a fucking code monkey.


*Many of those would be people who use stumbleupon, thereby robbing their visit to my site of any merit on my part. And according to the magic of tracker cookies and cloud computing, none of them even pressed the "Like It!" button . . .

**Several others have been brought here brought here by google image search after I used images in my posts which came from other sources. Sources which actually owned the rights to said images.

***The Blog Stats page says the blog keeps getting views from Russia, South Korea, China, and Australia. Who the heck are you people? Seriously, it's really been bugging me. Am I on your government's watch list?

****I also never knew spam bots could plant view data, causing unsuspecting blog owners to think that someone over at was actually reading their stuff, causing them to download near-fatal viruses into every crevice and orifice of my lapto- I mean their laptop. But there ya go!

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And now: Terrible Names Part Deux!!!

Nick Cater. (as in I have a package for-Nick-Cater)
Anyone from the chinese family Suk:
Yu Suk
Ai Suk
Dik Suk etc. etc. etc.

Hugh G. Rection
Brian Joseph Lipps
Shay Venn
Ray D. O' Hachtibh
Sibhe Crabbes
Beattie "Bhean" Jacks
Willie Fiddler
Willie Stroker
 . . . just don't name your kid "Willie" is all . . . 

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And now for something from my life. Anyone who knows me knows I do archery. They should also know that I'm not very good at it. They should also know that I was national champion in my catagory in two competitions last year. They should also know about my crippling self-worth issues.
Anyway, I'm in Holland working. Sorry, "working" in air-quotes the size of the sense of self-righteousness your typical deep-south american will get when you say "Surely 9-11 wasn't that bad?"
And I've finally found an archery club. I figured there'd be a bit of an issue getting to shoot, what with insurance and all the stupid hassle I went though to shoot in Ireland. At least a few forms to fill out.
They had me fill in my details, pay 30 euro for six months membership, and said away I go.
Now I know that it's not a competition-centric club like back home, but on one hand, this is a pretty awesome way to run a club. There's a good few trophies over the bar (did I not mention the bar that serves throughout the training sessions?) and I just walk in and started shooting.
On the other hand, I could be a fucking serial killer. . . . .actually, scratch that. I have in no way the patience, planning or gravitas to pull off being a serial killer. These guys are pretty cool
Anyhoo. Next stop, 2000 pageviews!!!!
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Thats it for now, now gimmie all your money and nobody needs to get hurt or something . . . 


Magatha-May said...

I'm delighted that you found a club to train with - now come back as a fantastic archer and all will be good again

Tynermeister said...

Hmm. I hope you're not implying that all is not good at the moment without me. :P . Still, i'll do my best.

Fredrick said...

Craig is getting trained up to an olympic standard of archery for the next six months and will come back with a huge load of trophies?

This is great news!!!!

Also I've started reading every other other word, do you think this will impact my ability to grasp what is being said?

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