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Stuff you should look up: Where The Mild Things Are

I only hate 3 things in this world:
 - People who list everything and make their previous significance meaningless be placing them on the same level as other things which have no right to be connected to them in any emotional sense.
 - People who can't count.

With that in mind, here's this week's list of S.y.s.l.u.!

 . . .


1) Monster by Skillet

2) Riot by Three Days Grace

3) Burn It To The Ground by Nickleback

4) Clapton Is God by Michael Angelo Batio

5) I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

 . . . 

BONUS FUCKIN ROUND MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAASSSS!!!!!!!1!!! (didn't see that comin', did ya? Straight outta left field: Boom!)

 . . .
That's all for this Sunday. Now go and get hammered drunk or something . . .


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