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Stuff you should look up: It's everything you've ever dreamed of . . . by which I mean it's nonsensical and probably a little bit retarded.

If, sorry, When I rule the world, writing blogs will be a teachable subject in secondary schools. Something like a sub-module in English class.

And I shall call it Blography.

 . . .

   -Irish (sort of)

In honour of the recent birthday of a Mr. S. T.  Patrick, I'd like to make today's syslu a little more cultural.

I only said "a little", mind you.

 . . .
Y'know what's cool?
If you go to the youtube page of each of these songs (by just clicking on them) and type in "listento" before the word "youtube" in the address bar, you go to a site where you can download them.
(hint hint)

1) Rocky Road To Dublin - sung by The High Kings

2) I'm Shipping Up To Boston - The Dropkick Murphys (as Irish as hot dogs, I know, but it's still great)

3) Boondock Saints Theme (The Blood Of Cuchulainn) by Mychael Danna

4) The Oldest Swinger In Town - The Druids feat. Diarmuid O' Leary

5) Cloud Song/Riverdance - Bill Whelan

(say what you like about Flatley, the man had talent!)
 . . .
There, that's it for now. Now go do a little jig or something . . .


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