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Stuff you should look up: Seriously. Look it up. Or else.

You're wondering where all the nice people went. 
Why no-one seems to even have the curtesy to give you the time of day.
Why everyone seems to rush everywhere, as if they're hoping that all this money will somehow grant them eternal, blissful, peace of mind, when really we're all riding a stress-based express to death.
Where are all the happy people? The one's who don't give you a well-practiced rundown of how shitty their day has been when you give them the formality of asking?

We're right here. 

You all went and called us Nerds.

And now, if you're not one of us in this day and age, if you still feel disgust when you pigeonhole someone into the personality category, clinging onto the ancient stereotype of friendless, socially-bereft, ugly basement-dweller we shed long ago, then I just feel sorry for you.

Because right here, right now,

Being a nerd is awesome. 

And we know it. We have out communities, our friends, our dreams, our motivations.

I have never found a group as welcoming or hateless as a group of nerds.

 . . . 

        -Based on the "Advice Dog" meme

Did you know a meme is actually "an idea that can spread from person to person / a contagious idea".
Language is a meme. I just thought that was interesting. That's all.

1) Successful Black Man

2) Advice God

3) High Expectations Asian Father

4) Scumbag Steve (We all know one of these.)

5) Philosoraptor

 . . . 
Why, yes! I do sometimes feel I am wasting my life on the internet! How ever did you tell?

That's all. Now go giggle at the word "Pedometer" for a while or something . . .


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