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Stuff you should look up: I'll stop when Madonna acts her age!

And now, presenting:
The Maestro of Mediocrity,
The Aristotle of Average,
The Michelangelo of Meh,
The King of the Kan't-Do Attitude,
The Lord of Laziness,
The Earl of Easily Entertained,
The Outstanding Winner of Outstaying Welcomes . . .
 . . . Thiiiiiiiiis Guyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
 . . .
  -Old Rock Anthems

1) You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive

2) Crazy Crazy Nights - Kiss

3) Black Betty - RamJam

4) Poison - Alice Cooper

5) Bat Outta Hell - Meatloaf

 . . . 

Bonus Round!!!

That's it for this week. Go leave a comment or something . . .


Magatha-May said...

Fine so... I will.

And Black Betty is a class song

Tynermeister said...

Thank you! Did ya know Black Betty was originally recorded in 1933?

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