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Stuff you should look up: Now with more bleuuughrghhhuurghling!

So I got back from a little holiday today, and feel pretty shitty from jetlag.
I have a new ps3 but no controller or games.
I leave again in a week for my first real job.
My laptop keeps flipping the tripswitch to the house.
A bottle of raspberry liquer broke in my bag from some overzealous baggage handlers.
I am waaaay behind on blogging and sketching and forgot to write down any ideas I had.
Yet I have absolutely no right to be unhappy with my situation, since each of those sentences was already the product of a massivey fortuitous life I find myself in.
 . . .
The "Big Picture" sucks is what I'm saying.
 . . .

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Each of these guys deserves you to look at a few of their videos.

1) Auto-Tune The News (a.k.a. Schmoyoho)
Talented, talented people. A good idea made great.

2) EpicMealTime
Epic doesn't even do it justice. It needs a new word to describe it which somehow dwarfs "epic". I'm thinking "Blarflargian!"

3) BeardyMan
This guy is just too awesome for words. Plus, he has a degree in Product Design!

4) OverClocked Remix
I already made a post with these songs in it. Still think it's great, though!

5) Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
For any nerds who may read this. The rest of you, don't bother. It's . . . uh . . . nerd-humour. Numour.

 . . .
That's it for now. Go read the paper or something. . .


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