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If the devil is in the detail, does that mean God is just some weird, enormous, cosmic smudge?

   -The Cheezburger Network

Ben Huh is responsible for Lolcats.

I have seen the face of the destroyer. 
It is adorably misspelled.

That's all I can really say about it without going into pages upon pages of rants.
Nonetheless, the terrifying monster that is the lolcat meme has spawned some inbred, mutant children which, if you squint a bit and don't look too closely at, almost become bearable. They are as follows:

Take a picture, put it into a black background, add a half joke. Funny more often than not.

Probably bigger than the original lolcat site at this stage. If there's one thing that makes the human race emotionally and spiritually richer, it's laughing at other people's misfortune.

Because it's my blog. I get to say what goes up here. 

Once again the results of mankinds obsession with instant worldwide sharing of every single thought are, occasionally, worth it.

The home of the "what . . . who's that guy? Ohhhhh. Shit. Wait. I know this. He's from that thing. No, not that. The other. Um. Thingy. Programme. Or film. I forget. A fuckit. To the IMDB!

 . . . 

C'est fini! Maintenant, allez et étude un nouvelle langue . . . 


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