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And on the eighth day, God created 4chan. And He did look upon what He hath wrought and saw that He really done fucked up this time.

Craaaaaaap! It's the Day Of Wedd-Ness. The day that precedes the Day Of Thurs, but follows almost immediately follows St. Ues' Day!

I need to make some shit up. Fast.

 . . . 

I got nothing.

So instead, I'll just stick with my current idea on my other blog.

The people and culture of Holland.

They have no 1 or 2 cent coins over here. They round to the nearest 5c.
Sorry if I just kinda burst out with that, but it had to be said. These guys are smart. The whole country gives the mpression of constantly being run by men in grey pinstripe suits. But not the kind of suits back in Ireland. That country gives the impression of being run by guys in suits who are either in a boardroom meeting constantly thinking about what option would make their share prices go through the roof like an coal miner with a really bad sense of direction. 
Holland country is run by men in suits who all refer to their subordinates by first name, and go bowling with a team at the weekends.

Buses run on time. To the minute. It costs €3 for an all-day ticket. Three, count it, muthafuckin Euros. That's actually crazy.

They obey all the rules of the road over here. Do you know all the rules of the road? These guys sure as fuck do. Its kinda cool. Cyclists have right of way in a lot of cases which just don't happen elsewhere. You feel weirdly confident when you're sitting in the saddle. And in a way that is totally not as gay as that sounded.

From the looks of it crime is really low. It's probably just the area I'm in, but I've heard my co-workers saying they normally buy some cheap booze, cycle into the city centre (no mean feat!) Then cycle home when the bars shut at 4 in the morning. I have to keep pinching myself to remind me that you're not in Kansas college anymore, Dorothy Craig. I mean me. I mean. Fuck it.

My new job mainly consists of me sitting at my laptop at my desk, trying to get the whole "self-motivation" thing going. Its a work in progress. 

 . . . 
Right. That's all for this episode. Tune in next week, when we show you how Craig finally found out his house had a garage! (5 days after he moved in.)
Now go for a cycle or something . . .


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