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Stuff you should look up: With Great Power comes Great Responsibility . . . and Great Voltage and/or Ampage.

I would bet a large amount of money that Yoga was invented by a man. 

Just sayin'.

Think about it.

 . . . 


This website has some serious talent behind it. Try the laptop skins!

1) False Alarm

2) Sharpened

3) For Dummies

4) Extreme Beginnings

5) Priorities

6) Chameleon

7) Called For Help

 . . . 
That's all for today. Now go have a day-long lie-in or something . . . 


Magatha-May said...

I saw this and thought of you


Tynermeister said...

Excellent. That'll do nicely as a new desktop wallpaper. ^_^

...that wasn't sarcasm.

...neither was that.


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