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A good morning is like a good analogy. I don't do them.

Community activity results 2:

 . . . none.


r=        TT_TT 

r=#   -  TT_TT

r=          X_X ...

 . . . 

Which leads me nicely onto . . . 

More new smileys!

TT_TT  = Extra Crying Smiley. (because, y'know, sometimes you really need to use the full range of the awkward symbol-using medium to fully communicate the extent of your sorrow.)

:<>   = Mother bird feeding baby bird (I really have no explanation as to when or where this may be used, but be quiet. My blog, my rules.)

C : = Smiley smiling waaaay to wide to be anything but creepy. 

U_U = Asleep smiley

H_H  = Just woke up smiley

R_R = "Why the hell did you just wake me up?" Smiley

I _ I = Robot Smiley

:-/   = Lying Down Smiley

d'_'b = Sticking-out-ears Smiley

:-(=:-*=:-*=:-*    = Human Centipede Smiley

(  *  )  = Y'now what, I know I better than this shit. What happened to this blog? 

(  Y  )  = Oh now you're just trying to piss me off, brain.

( . )( . ) = Oh screw you brain.

8=D--  = No. Don't you dare. Don't you even go there! Don't make me come up there!

Phew. Minor Technical issue there. Now if we j    :C(  *  ) q:    oh that is it. I am coming after you with a pickaxe, brain!

 . . . 

That's all. Now go call a friend to say hi or something . . .


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