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Pokémon reference, I choose you!

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Now I'm not the most charitable man in the world. I sometimes keep a jar with a few coppers in it and a hole punched in the top for the sole purpose of scaring away other people who come up to you in the street and attempt to rob you of self-assurance, any non-guilty thoughs you once had, and several, if not, (god forbid) a couple of, euros a month in favour of some poor, sick child who has the unfortunate illness hospitals like to call "Pisspooritis".
But it seems to me like the whole world has some kind of deep, strange relationship with tiny transactions.

Yes, this was brought to mind in a comic by , and it makes a good point. Why are we so quick to justify why we never spend just a few cents in a tip jar, but can clearly see the reason why we need that box of cereal that costs €10 a spoonful. (Special K? More like Special Au at that kind of price, amirite?) 

We can readily spend a few bob on those several coffees we "need" every morning, but can't shell out for a nicer pair of socks than those? (you know the ones I'm talking about. Everyone has a pair. The one's from secondary school. Probably even before that.)

I just think it's strange when I find myself making transactions on the internet for only a euro or two into a huge issue, when I can literally put my hand in my pocket, take out a coin, throw it at a passing car/cyclist/-nother fucking charity collecter out the window, and not think twice about it.

Well no more! I am going to subscribe to a charity and make all you guys so jealous of my selfless and giving nature, you're going to hate me for it. I'm going to become that one self-righteous bastard in any given group of people that the others just wish would shut up about their beliefs and stop, dear god, stop talking about that time they went with their friends to work in New Zealand and really, y'know, got it, y'know? Oh how you'll loath me for being the sort of person who interrupts other people's stories with useless bits of information, or makes a family guy reference mid-sentence, and doesn't realise he's sent the table into an awkward silence because that one guy down at the end is actually from that country and doesn't get the joke. . . . . . . . . . . . 

  . . . . . . . . . . . I think I may have accidently proven/disproven my theorum about why people aren't exactly charitable in this day and age. Or likeable people, anyway.

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Community Activity Results 1!

I will humor you but only cause it was your birthday the other day... tyvrb yk 
- Mags.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to faceplant your computer peripherals. But that was an average mark, I think. I do like the way you managed to avoid the "g" despite it being in the middle of the other keys, though.

gf vbyjnmhj jm as requested. 
- Andy.

Thank's Andy! I can see you really put some work into this one! Several spaces signify a real nice faceroll goin' on here! Good work!

gfv rgthnjuhygtfvdcerftghyu hygtfrv 
- ?.

 . . . feckin' teacher's pet. One in every class. . . 

Community Bonding Session #2!

The item directly to your left is your weapon in zombie apocolypse. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is a jar of barbeque sauce, 11 is a fully stocked nuclear bunker) how absolutely boned are you?

Tell your friends!

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That's all for this week's episode. Now go and stay tuned for more irreverent bullshit or something . . .


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