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It's called being a Cannibal. Not a CANTibal. Stop being such a quitter and eat your christian!

You know what I find hilarious?
About two thousand years ago (give or take) one man stood up, transcended his humble carpentry roots, spoke of his beliefs, and influenced tens of billions of people all across the world. His book is the best selling ever, and everyone on earth knows his name.
His beliefs? Wouldn't it be so much better if we were all nice to one another.
But that's not the funny bit.
The punchline is that for this, he was nailed to a tree, and people haven't stopped killing each other in his name ever since!

 . . . 

Ok. New Idea. This is mandatory for any and all people who read this blog.
I can only keep this up for as long as I feel I'm getting a response, like it's worthwhile in some way. 
So here we are, a bit of community-based activity:
Different things posted every week, each of which needs your active participation!
Post your answers in the comments below. If embarressed, just stay anonymous, but whatever you do, don't just leave me hanging here.
Every time you do, 

So here's a test run:

Minion Order 1

Community Activity 1:
Mash Face On Keyboard. Post Results In Comment Box.

Thats it!
Happy Facerolling!

 . . . 
Bad Porn Titles Of Current Box Office Movies . . . Sorta! (BPTOCBOMS?)
 . . . wait, wait, I can do better . . .
Porn In Current Box Office Movies! (PICBOM!) . . . yeah, that works better.

Time for P.I.C.B.O.M.!

Karma Sutra Panda!
Iron Manhood 2!
The Green Horny-et!
The Fast And The Furious Fuckers 5!
Ass-Pirates Of The Carribean: On A Stranger's Thighs
XXX-Men: First Ass!
Source Co-Eds!
Well-Hung Over: Part 2!

Now available at your local shady back alley from The Guy In The Trenchcoat Who Smells Weird for the low-low price of Whatever You Had In Your Jacket!
 . . . 

That's all folks! Now go watch a funny LP or something . . .
 . . . 
pic details here.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

gf vbyjnmhj jm

as requested.

-Andy Sheil

Magatha-May said...

I will humor you but only cause it was your birthday the other day...

tyvrb yk

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