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Stuff you should look up: Because my ego needs scratching.

Stuff you should look up: 
The Golden Rolex watch of the internet 

(after it's been dropped on the floor one too many times. 
Or fifty. 
Plus the strap is broken.
And it had a dead battery.
And all the shiny bits have been scratched off.
And there's this weird smell from the last dumpster it was pulled from bec- 
y'know, never mind.)
 . . . 
--LittleBigPlanet 2 (because that's what I'm playing right now)

1) A Fifth Of Beethoven

2) Batteroo

3) Disco Shmisco

4) What Are You Waiting For?

5) Rock Your Body Rock (Freddy Corsten)

 . . .

Bonus Round!!!

That's It. Now Go And Make Some Really Annying Typos And Formatting Errors Or Someings . . .


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