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How to write a "How to write a "How to Book""

What to write about, what to type about . . . "Are video games art?" Nah. That's been done to death in the last few weeks . . . "The way to write a successful blog is to build up a relationship with your readers" . . . uh, yeah, I'll deal with that when I actually find someone who reads it.
Ah, here's one: "Just think yourself happy! Load of Bollux!"
Has anyone read "The Secret"? For those sensible enough to answer "no" to the previous question, the book can be summarised thusly: Wish hard enough and it will come true. I shit you not, that is it. It convinces you that literally the key to anything is inside that little underused web of porn and near-homicidal boredom you call a mind.
This epic dirge of self-help commercialism gone mad was reminded to me by an article only the other day, which raised some interesting points: namely that it's a load of crap.
Apparently, the writer's friend had had to reread the book several times to try and relive the initial high the book supposedly gives you upon finishing it. But, like ponze schemes and heroin, it suffers from "the law of diminishing returns", meaning every time it's read, the results last less and less. The friend complained that she just "counldn't make it stick". And how could she?!?
The point the article writer makes is that the flaw in the books logic of "think like a successful person to be a successful person" is that it leaves something very important out of the equation: R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Yes, it's fine to dream, dreaming and hoping is healthy and provides determination to push forward. But take your current situation out of the sum and you're left with no focus or direction. Dreaming is fine until it actually starts to screw with your actions negatively, such as can be seen by anyone who truly believes that the world really does owe them true love and a fancy car.
It's like a point made here, where the writer shows how unrealistic the world has become, how we're all so expectant that the world is going to fall into our laps. I dread to think what my generation is going to be like, being raised to think that "each one of us is extwa, extwa speshull".
Hm. That's really all I can think to say. I know I'll have some brilliant witty comment to add in 2-3 hours, as does happen, but I always forget to write it down. Feckit.
Now go play a music instrument or something.


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