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Wow. Uh. Ummmmm. Oh boy. So is this blogging? This is, yaknow, an actual blog? Huh. So I guess I just type down my thoughts here, do I? Hm. Ok. Sure, why not. . . .
How do people do this, anyway? I mean I get the whole concept of just throwing yourself out there for the masses at little or no personal risk of retribution, but to stand out above another in pure blogability? To gain "followers"? To reach out and gain the attention and approval of a complete stranger?
Actually, now that I just read that back, it almost sounds weird not to give it a shot.
Will anybody even read this, anyway? I know I sometimes go back right to the very first post in some of my webcomics (and they do, for the most part, suck for the first while), but thats just me. I mean who really wants to know why I started this in the first place (for the record, it was Donna McKenny at ).
So here it is. My first post. Baring all to the masses. Probably in a way that is deemed illegal in several countries.
. . .
Maybe I should post some pics too. Might get me to keep up my sketching.


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