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Always avoid annoying alliteration.

Ok, so step 1: short blog post. Check. Good. Step 2: get a decent camera. . . not so check.
So after a brief traipse (is that even a word?) around some blogs, it seems the most successful offer thoughtful, well-balanced opinions or galleries of pictures. Well, I'm halfway there, anyway.
I've been hit with the realisation that the last paragraph completely goes against my aim of not doing this for anyone but myself, but being who I am, the least I can do is try to make someone else happy. The whole reason anyone would even visit this page would be if I can offer something to the viewer. So what can I offer?
Thoughtful insights are, believe me, few and far between when dealing with the inside of my head, so thats out.
Galleries of images take time, research and effort to put together, and I'm distinctly short on at least two of those qualities (take a guess which).
Or do I make some kind of diary blog that journals my rollercoaster of an existance, such as This was just in the "Blogs of Note section of the dashboard, and if you read it you should find the quaint rural point of view of life that so often goes unnoticed on the internet todaOHMYGODITSSOFUCKINGBORING! PEOPLE FOLLOW THIS CRUD?!?
I came to Limerick to get away from shittacular farm life, but avoiding the general dickhead mentality that I've seen in Dublin. That should just about show you how riveting my everyday life is. Not. Very. My life is to excitement what discussion of the Yang-Mills Theory is to sex. They do not overlap.
If you actually want to read about how my exams went today, or why I think that this person you've never heard of, nor will ever meet, is such a great character, or why I enjoy my life, specifically, to make you feel worse about yours, you need your fucking head examined.
Aw, crap. Another long, unreadable blog post. But, hey, if you skipped straight to this bit, congrats, you're mostly normal.
Now go draw a picture or something.


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