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Writers breeze block

And now we have stumbled upon a new problem: What if I want to update (so that I give the impression of a current-affairs kinda guy), but I find that I'm unable to think of a topic? That's the situation I find myself in.
Also, I have sketches done, but I'm not arsed taking the photo, then brightening it up in photoshop blah blah blah, so here I am posting a pic that has absolutely no real elements, bar the panoramic image in the backround that came with the program, and was made in 3 seperate programs. The team was fairly proud of it. But, its not a sketch, so next time, definitely be prepared. . . and maybe actually follow an update schedule or something.
It's so much easier to type than think. The reason I want to update is because I'm moving back home for the summer (which is a lot less grandiose than that sentence makes it sound) and I'm practically the only one left on campus. It's dark, lonely, quiet, and I really want to have a job for the summer that doesn't involve sheep.
But I know that most people would kill for a job that means they can work outdoors in the fresh air, so I really shouldn't take it for granted, so I suppose I should make some kind of a promise not to piss away the next few months like I always do. Kind of like a New Years Resolution, except that this is realistic, or Lent, except people won't laugh when you tell them about it. (Making a promise to be healthy in January of all times? At that stage, people are mostly dreading going back to work/education, staring into the abyss where their bank account used to be, or gorging on the New Year's eve leftovers - which, ironically, are mostly Christmas leftovers)
Hey, look at that: a blog post all about how I can't think of anything to write a blog post about. How typically fucking convoluted of me.
I need some sleep.


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