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'Sup, readers. So now that I'm home from college for the summer, updating this becomes pretty difficult. Mainly for motivational reasons. Plus I just feel like hiding everything I'm doing from my family for no particular reason other than I'm a prick like that sometimes. Does that happen often? I know that thats pretty much the only consistent trend among every teenager ever. These morons "rebelling" against their "oppressive" parents. Yeah, sure, you rebel by wearing black and never talking to them. Then you go home to the bed that -they- bought you, eat the food -they- made you, and you say you're being "stifled"?!?
If you ever hear a teenager actually say the words "nobody understands me", punch them. Like, full force. Right in the face. Because there is nothing to understand. They are confused and horny. Thats it. QED muthafuckas.
But screwit. I can only really recognise this in myself, but still, if someone disagrees, they are either lying or are so well-balanced that they can only be lab subjects on some sort of teen-psychology experiment to create the most perfect 13-20 year old. A being who always invites their parents to sporting events they inevitibly win. A creature so perfect and beautiful that they will be so universally despised that they will die by being sucked into some kind of hatred singularity. Probably right after winning a Nobel Peace Prize and Big Brother Competition on the same day they marry a millionaire supermodel scientist.
This is probably the first time the sketch actually reflects the post. Looking through the sketchbook, probably the only time. Unless I can somehow make a post on emo-style wizard of oz characters. Still, here's to hoping.


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