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Spellchek? Never herd of it.

I've been thinking. . . What is it I really want out of this blog? I mean I've already passed the big 1 post mark with this entry, and frankly, I can see why most people give up so quickly.
I suppose I must be doing this purely for myself? I mean I hope to god no one reads this, but I know thats not true. Putting up my sketches is a good way to keep my hand occupied, but I spend so stupidly long on them that that can't last, or I'll just have to skip out on pics every now and again.
I said "that's not true" back there because I do hope someone reads this. Just a funnier, more mentally stimulating version of this.
So am I doing this for an outlet? for recognition? I doubt its that since a quick scan of a few random blogs will tell you that there's a lot of serious talent out there who post up all their stuff to their blogs.
Is it competitiveness? A desire to show that I can do anything as good as the rest of them? Probably, but I hope not.
So then where do I want this blog to go? I'd settle for something that I find entertaining to read, and where I can put stuff I'v done on the internet that isn't facebook (I don't know why, but It feels cheap).
So I think I'll make a few guidelines I'm gonna try and follow for my blog entries. Stop me if I start getting too far up my own ass. (Seriously. Please stop me. It might not be too late already)
1: No proofreading. Only for spelling and gross oversights.
2: Attach at least 1 pic of my own creation at least every 3rd post.
3: Don't go a week without posting.
4: Don't give a rat's left one about whether it's being read at all.
5: Don't post links to it on facebook.
6: Actually, scratch that last one, just don't advertise in general.
7: Attach some kind of inspirational quote or some shit at the bottom? Will I do that? Sure why the fuck not. Do I need some kind of "explicit" tag or something here for the amount of times i'm gonna be swearing?
8: Grammer.
9: Don't be bitchy about people. It kind of has a habit of having actual consequences, unlike just about everything else on the internet. Plus it's mean.
10: Try not to change previous posts if possible.
11: Find a format to be happy with, but don't treat it as iron-clad. Need room to breath.
12: As an add-on to #11, just generally be happy with it.
I'd like to say right now that I can see the links on other pages about "how to write a better blog nyahnyahnyah". And I say I don't want to write a better blog, I want to write my blog.
It's the same problem as with videogame walkthroughs: "Do you want to play the game, or do you want to read about someone who plays the game better than you?
Dear jaysus, how long is this thing at this stage?
. . .
13: Shorter posts.


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