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Stuff you should look up: Where the sky's the limit, but the ground's the average.

If you lose half your large intestine to an injury, does that mean you only have a " ; " ?

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Video Series

1) News Dump
Yes another by the guys at This just started and may not be around for long, but I still think the dynamic of the group is fantastic in everything they do.

2) The Big Picture with Moviebob
A critical look at pop culture and specific topics, mostly movies, games and comics, from a well-balanced standpoint.

3) Escape To the Movies with Moviebob
A great movie review show. I don't always agree with him, but he makes some very valid points.

4) After Hours from

5) Retold! Series by frostyobsitnic

Suggestions for topics always welcome!

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Aaand I'm out. Go get a doner kebab or something. . . 


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