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Do Female Dogs Raise The Leg When Going To The Bathroom?

Fuckcicles. Another late post. I should really get into the habit of writing these ahead of time.
This'll be a rehash of what I can remember of a post I had just put up before Blogger went apeshit a few days ago

 . . . 

On my way out from the gym a few days ago, (yes, I do get exercise as many people who know me are probably shocked at that fact) in the lobby area I found something that absolutely made my day and sent me smiling all the way home. 
I was a young kid (8 or 9) playing a game on a laptop. 
This game:
(picture below)

This is Worms:Armageddon.
Worms. Freaking. Armageddon.
This was made by Team17 Studios in 1999 and has been updated as recently as last December for Windows 7 functionality. 

It just really makes me happy to think that even with consoles reminiscent of the black box from 2001:A Space Odyssey with enough graphical power to render the crumbs of cheese on a mouse's whiskers six miles away, with online gameplay so fast we can teabag a 12-year old brazilian kid's online avatar with split-second precision, and with games containing enough voilence to fill an olympic swimming pool with gore and even cause Jeffrey Dahmer to think that's a bit much,
All we really want to do is blow up cartoon worms in silly ways.

All we really need to enjoy ourselves, no matter what age, is a worm called Mr. Buggles with the voice of a squeaky Mr.T drop an airplane full of exploding sheep onto the unsuspecting head of Lord Pants-alot (with a scottish accent) before watching him explode on death to leave behind a gravestone in the shape of a dog turd.

God bless you, you wonderful, timeless game.
 . . . 
That's it. Short, I know. Now go and forget to finish you sentences or s
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(Picture details found here.)


Magatha-May said...

once upon a time my girlie dog at home tried to lift her leg to pee and fell over.

Tynermeister said...

consider my question answered!

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