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Stuff you should look up: Thou Shalt Not Kill. Unless, Like, He Really, Really Deserves It.

I really don't have thyme to make any oreganol ideas for the opening sentence this week. Basilcly I have no sage advice I cayenne give you so chili out already.
If you're minterested in why, it's because chive got to go soon. I'm really hungcurry and we're going out for a meal cinnamoment.

Not that you can tell over the internet.

 . . . 

As always, if you type "listento" before "youtube" in the address bar on the video's YouTube page, it'll take you straight to a download link.

1) Creep - Radiohead - Scala and Kolacny Brothers

2) The Legend Of Zelda Theme - Koji Kondo - The Boston Symphony Orchestra

3) Fireflies - Owl City - chrinFinity

4) Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring - Johann Sebastian Bach - A Small Wooden Ball

5) Aerodynamic - Daft Punk - Tom Hodge

 . . . 
Tha's all nah bros. Nah go'n' git suhm sleep ohr suhmthin . . . 


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