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Stuff you should look up: Back by unpopular demand!

Life's Great Mysteries #2399: 
Y'know, I actually have real games on this laptop. They came on a disc and everything. They were in-depth, immersive, and brought much time of enjoyment. Why haven't I played them in so long? (Goes back to mind-numbing flash games)
 . . . 
Flash Games
 - my favourites, round 2!

1) Auditorium - Fantastic. An audible feast. An eargasm. I don't know why I left it out of the first list!

2) This Is The Only Level - Another great one from jmtb02.

3) Hedgehog Launch - Launch a hedgehog into space. That's pretty much it. How the heck does it work so well?

4) Crush the Castle - You have a catapult, they have a castle. 2 + 2 = destruction.

5) Shift - A great platformer with an even better game mechanic!
 . . . 
Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances forget the thing with the stuff in the place.


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