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Crazier than a lettuce wearing a hat! . . . so not very.

Wow! According to this, this month the blog got 20 views from . . .

 . . . . . .

Seriously you guys? I mean, come the fuck on.
It's like spammers just aren't even trying any more.

It's like after nigerian princes and zimbabwe lottery winners they're all just out of ideas.

Here's a few for ya:
"Your bank has just recently miscalculated your tax credits: fill in your details to recieve the-"
(no, wait. I can do better)

"Ninjas have kidnapped your mother, Mr. Geordanicci! You have 40 seconds from the time you open this email til they turn her into slightly-forgetful, excellent-spaghetti-and-meatballs-maker sushi. UNLESS you photocopy your passport in reply to this to make sure we haven't got the wrong guy. Then attach your social security number for shits and giggles extra security."

That's better.
 . . .
I am officially all out of ideas . . . . NO, WAIT!


Fill in the blanks in the comments and I will return your humourously random paragraph in a reply comment within the day.
Who knows? You might just learn something about yourself.
And that thing will be that you have issues. Scary issues.

Silly Word:
Last Name:
Noun (plural):
Different Adjective:
Different Silly Word:
Yet Another Different Adjective:

Here, to show you how much fun this could be, I'll do (a different!) one first to show you how it's done:

The Industry`s Most Highly Awarded... Mad Lib

"Without doubt Boobs Inc. has left its Boob with us as some of the most Boob-Like Boobs on the Breasts... This Boobs that we highly recommend for Boobish Boobers and high-end Mammaries."

 . . . hmm. . . I need help. . . 

No I am not being lazy by making you do the comedy for me. What ever gave you that idea?
 . . .
That's all right now. Now go talk to me or something. . . 
I'm so ronery.

 . . . 

Pic details here.


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