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English majors: Putting the "g" in "gnome", the "p" in "pneumatic" and the "b" in "subtle" since time immemorial.

Herro again. I was just thinking about how I could do something worthwhile for the literary world. Maybe by posting a thought-provoking dissertation on the internet.
Then I thought "No. Fuck that. Lets update this blog instead."
The fact that our souls are getting crushed under the weight of the work we've been given is really been depressing me. And when I get depressed I get angry. Not the Hulk-out kind of angry, the kind of angry that generates an anti-social field around my general area and causes 80% of the world's supply of not-giving-a-fuck and no-I-don't-feel-like-doing-another-assignment-for-ergonomics-go-die-in-a-fire.
I still haven't managed to pin down what exactly I want to use this blog for. I know I don't want it to be a rant blog, because god knows there's enough of them out there. They say "stick to what you know", whoever the hell "they" are. "They" should get their goddamn noses out of my business unless "they" want them cut off and served in a kind of creme du nez.
And I know video games, but a lot of people who read this probably dont give a monkey's left one unless I've got something really profound to say. I also know food. But not really from the talking-about-it point of view. If I'm talking in relation to food, chances are it's because my mouth is full.
Should it be an everything-is-wonderful-here's-a-picture-of-a-kitty blog?
 . . . 
Dammit. I promise the next post I make will be more structured. It'll have an introduction and everything! The issue is that there's no structure in them. Just like theres less structure in my life than there used to be. Oppertunities just seem to pass me by without me even realising it, I'm finding it hard to work because I just sit at a desk and complain about how hard the work I'm not doing is, and lecturers seem to just throw all sorts of shit at me just to see what sticks. The obvious problem with that is, if you throw enough shit at a wall, yes, some of it will stick, but in the end, all that you're left with is a wall covered in shit. And a cleaning bill.
. . . 
There, that's your lot. Now go and make a healthy sandwich with soda bread or something. . .


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