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Why do they call the font "Trebuchet"? Have they ever seen a Trebuchet?!?

Well, I finally got a shiny new digital camera. Sorry camera-phone, we had some great times together (cut to wiggly flashback-style effect), but you've been succeeded by a whole 10 megapixels. Not that it makes a blind bit of difference after 6 megapixels.
I choose to show this to you by taking a photo of the worst drawing I could find and posting it.
. . .
So. Apparently I'm going up to dublin tomorrow for a trip to an Ireland-B rugby match. Wonderful (sarcasm is really hard to telegraph over a purely visual medium). This could be a perfectly nice day out, only to be compounded by my mother going "It'll be a nice oppertunity for some father-son bonding."
I do not live in the fucking '60's. Nor the 50's, 70's or 80's for that matter. Father-Son bonding became irrelevant around the time fathers began ignoring their family in pursuit of money and distractions associated thereof.
In case you haven't noticed, I work on my dad's farm. I get to see him. Oooh, every single day. I take instruction from him, and I try not to screw up too much around him. Granted, this isn't an ideal situation to grow closer to him, but to grow, you need some freakin room! Let me miss him a bit before you tell me to spend more time with him!
The dad I see is irritable and sure of himself. I dont really see the want in being any closer to him than I already am.
Fuckit. I've no good reason to be angered by this.
What I'm really pissed off by is when people try to tell me what to think. I hate it when people address me in some way that isnt advice. It makes me so infuriated when they make a point of not saying "please", and I DONT KNOW WHY.
Why should I be angry at people when 99% of the time they're only giving me guidance based on their own experiance? And from what I see I'm not the only one who thinks this.
Maybe it's because the world is constantly telling us these days "think for yourself" and "You are Special" with a capital S and saying it with a straight face (as opposed to the way I normally say it. Y'know, insultingly).
Maybe what we should be telling the kids is "Dont be a Dick" with a capital D (Unless your name is richard). If Barney is to blame for kids having overinflated senses of self-importance these days, maybe we should have a counter-argument saying "seriously though, kids, the people on this show are so stupidly talented they're already earning more than your parents. They'll be burned out and struggling before they're 20. Also, nothing on this show is real".
. . .
Damn it. I told myself not to descend into a rant this time. Screwit. Next time, I'll talk about puppies or hugs or sunlight blasting out of various orifices or something.
Thats it. Now go and walk to the shops and don't buy anything with sugar in it. Please.


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