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WOW, what a pointless game. . .

Ugh. How long has it been since I updated this? Nearly a month?
Question: Do I update this because I've thought of something interesting to talk about? Or do I update out of a sense of requirement?
Well, now that that's thouroughly derailed my train of thought, on to the random blabber.
Assuming you've not only just managed to crawl out of your dungeon-cave long enough to use a computer and this happens to be the very first site you landed on (god help you), then you've probably heard of a game called World Of Warcraft. Or WOW for short, inviting all sorts of humorous and loveable amazement-based misunderstandings (not).
Its a game that involves a player paying a regular fee to play as a customiseable virtual avatar in a fantastical world alongside millions (theoretically) of other players, slaying monsters, looting wenches (or whatever), and for some reason, dancing.
Its, without a doubt, the most successful video game of all time, and is a property worth billions.
Its also one of the few games I will try my utmost to never, ever play.
My reasons can be surmised thusly:
1) From watching others play, It seems that the game has all with the fun and immersion of watching a single arbitrary number steadily increasing. I've derived more joy out of pressing the #Ran button on a calculator over and over.
2) It has no decent story, graphics (i kno its difficult for a game that age and size) or diversity in gameplay.
3) Some other groundless and biased accusation . . .
4) The main reason, which is that I would hate this giant sense of purpose hanging over my head in the form of a monthly payment. What better way to keep the masses playing than to give them a sense of wastefulness at having NOT played the game. The day that the video games start to dictate when and how you play is the day I wish for God (whichever one you want) to strike us all down and start again with amoebas.
. . .
Plus I have little enough of a social life as it is, but I recognise that and am working on it.
And thats why I dont feel like playing WOW.


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